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1、How long will u work for our company if we hire u?


2、I won’t have any reason to consider leaving as long as I have opportunity to learn and advance, and while this job is challenging.


3、Do u have any information about our company?


I have some information about ur company. Starboard cruise service is the largest duty-free shipboard concessionaire in the world. Your service is famous, and your customers are more than satisfied. And yet you still continue to strive to improve. I’m especially impressed by the way your company has expanded so fast. And your company must be one of the most prospective and successful company in the retail industry. And thus, I would like to join an excellent large company like urs. And I think I’m ready for it.


4、Why did u leave your last job?


I just finished my fifth contract with the star cruises but I’m not willing to be back anymore. Because what they offering is not pretty well. And now I want to put my career back to retail business which I used to work for it. And you can see from my resume I have three years working experience on the retail industry, worked as shop assistant, in spite of I was leaven that type of position for quite a long time. I’m not worried about I couldn’t handle this job; just have a little worried about you won’t give me a chance to give it try.


5、Do you feel we should hire you over the other applicants?


Yes, I do. I have not seen their resume, but I would guess that they do not have backgrounds that match with my international and intercultural experience. Combining I have the sales skill that you require and can also give great sales talks that effectively promote your sales figures. My unique strength is my specific series of experiences that ideally suit me for this position, as well as my strong interest in working for your company and becoming part of your team. I would imagine that I’m a very competitive candidate for this position.


6、Could you sell me this watch?


Sir, u really made a good choice. This is the popular sale in our shopping mall. Look at this beautify watch. It is a swatch brand with stylish design and elegant color, the band made of stainless steel with spring release buckle. The dial has electro luminescent panel that causes the entire display to glow for easy reading in the dark. But the auto light operates when available light is below a certain level. So it does not illuminate the display under bright light. And besides, this watch has water resistant can up to 50 meters. And the glass is made of mineral glass, some kinds of special material. So it has shock resistant. So you don’t need to take it off so often when you attend some outdoors game or even you doing swimming. It won’t be ruining it. And all these watches are brand new, 100% authentic comes with factory issued worldwide warranty which invalid for one year since from the day of you purchase. And also you can get 30 days money pay back guarantee from us. When you dressed up go for dinner, cocktail party, open house, you really should have a nice watch go with your outfit. This is the right watch the people will going to stop you, then saying ‘wow’. Believe it or not, we just display it less one weak, and now almost run out of stock. We only left three here. And today it’s your lucky-day; we doing clearance sell on this watch. So we can offer you 10 per cent discount. So after discount, now the price is just 270 dollars. Sir, would you like to try it on your wrist? Then you can fell it.


7、Can you tell us about a typical day at work?


We start with a short briefing every morning and check inventories, clean the counter, display the merchandise, and then ready for the shop open. Receiving and greeting the customer, introducing and recommending the products, showing the samples, explaining the quality, size, styles, colors or features, offering cautions, assist the customer’s payment, packing the goods. And try to make every customer feel welcome and feel the value of every coin they spend. So as the shop assistant should not only be familiar with the goods, with the price, and not only have a clean and pleasant appearance and a good command of job-procedures, but also have a correct attitude toward serving the guest wholeheartedly.


My duty was responsible for selling watches. I was in charge one big counter, the main import brands are Swatch, Omega, Tissot,Longines, Rado, CK(Calvin Klein), Mido, Rolex, Casio, Seiko, Citizen, Titoni. And also have some domestic brand, like Fiyada, sea gull. And the average monthly our revenue can up to 300,000rmb, if convert to us dollars that is almost roughly 40.000. The popular sales are those prices from 1500 to 2000. And our main customers are the young people group consumers. And as shop assistant, you really should have some sales skill. You are not a simple as a salesman; you also have to work as psychologist to grasp what your customer’s real needed, and try to explore more potential customers. And besides, we should do more positive in selling and don’t let our customer just easy step away from our working area.

我是销售手表的。我负责一个柜台的销售工作,主要的进口手表品牌有Swatch, Omega, Tissot,Longines, Rado, CK(Calvin Klein), Mido, Rolex, Casio, Seiko, Citizen, Titoni。当然也有国产的牌子如Fiyada, sea gull。我们的月平均销售额可以达到30万元,如果换算成美元的的话,差不多有4万。最畅销的是那些价格在1500到2000的手表。我们主要的客户群是那些年轻的消费群体。作为销售员一定要有些销售技巧。我们不仅仅是销售员,而且还有充当心理医生去抓住客人真正所需要的,还要尽可能的发掘些潜在的顾客。除此之外,我们还要多做些积极的销售不要让我们的顾客轻易的从我们的工作区域离开。

8、Do you mind working in groups?

I enjoy working in groups. Even though some projects may take a little longer when several people have to reach a consensus, I believe the result is always better when you can benefit from the ideas of several persons. I also have excellent interpersonal skills, which I believe are effective in group work.

Do you think smile is very important?

Yes, I do. Smile is the universal language. Smile plays useful part in our social life. Smile is the number one features that make people attractive and approachable. If you have smile on the face, others would do the same to you. So it can be transmitted. It cost nothing to create so much. It happens in a flash and the memory of it sometime last for ever. Smiles are such an important part of communication.

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